Verklempt Diptych

    Verklempt Diptych

    When I was a kid, I used to love to lay on my back and watch clouds. It wasn’t actually the clouds I was interested in. Sure, whether they were cirrus, cumulus or some other type of cloud was all interesting(ish), but that’s not what engaged me.

    I loved finding hidden figures and objects in the shapes of the clouds. A dog, Mickey mouse’s head, an arrow – the more creative you are, the more you find.

    Verklempt in Situ

    When I create abstract panels, I look for shapes emerging the same way I looked to the sky when I was a kid. I do my best to not become attached to them and let the work evolve. As I worked on this mixed media glass piece, two figures arose that I just could not cover. For a time, I toyed with enhancing them to make them more apparent. But in the end, I decided to leave them vague.

    The piece is named Verklempt, which means overcome with emotion. The name is for the figures and objects I can see in the piece.

    Verklempt  Detail 2
    Verklempt  Detail 3
    Verklempt Detail 3
    Verklempt Diptych

    Each panel is 48″ tall by 20″ wide. The diptych is created from mixed media and reclaimed glass mounted on wood panels and hung with french cleats.