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Marigold Bowl

Just like the well-loved Marigold flower bloom, this bowl symbolizes beauty, warmth, creativity, a drive to succeed. Perfect as a gift, or to set out and be reminded of your own values. The vessel is created from reclaimed glass and is finished in orange and yellow pigments and variegated metal foil. It measures 10″ diameter.

Syrah Vessel

This textural vessel is organic yet elegantly versatile with its rich coloration and metallic finish. The piece is created from reclaimed glass and finished in opaque oxblood burgundy and smoky black charcoal. This is a limited production design that measures 11″ in diameter and 3″ tall.

Finished Commission for Essex, Connecticut

This custom commission was for a builder/designer that specializes in rehabbing historical homes. Where most designers would have torn down the structure to build a cape cod, this designer chose to take on the challenge of renovating and showcasing how the home could fit in to the neighborhood. The designer was faced with the restoration and redesign of a 1945 midcentury modern/Frank Lloyd Wright prairie house. His aim was to keep the architecture in keeping with the home’s roots, while creating a modern and flowing interior. When he came to me to create the centerpiece of the living area, we discussed many concepts. In the end, we settled on the idea of creating a flowing piece that references the neighborhood’s proximity to the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. We should bronze metallic highlights on the side edges of the triptych to flow into the space that was finished in a color called Natural Linen. The finished piece is the culmination of two months worth of studio work. The piece is composed of multiple layers …

Bodega Bowl

The Bodega Bay of California is a beautiful and dynamic place. The fog rolls in off the ocean fast. While I was visiting recently, I witnessed a river of fog sweep in off the ocean and up a cliff. The river was about 200 yards away, yet I continued to bask in the sun. It was beautiful and startling at the same. Of course, I knew at that moment the scene would serve as an inspiration for this vessel. Bodega Bowl measures 15″ in diameter. It’s created with reclaimed glass, pigments and a silver toned metallic foil.

Oblong Vessel in Berries and Gold

Representing abundance, this textural piece is finished in colors of berries and gold. This oblong vessel sits upon a reclaimed wood stand that elevates it literally and figuratively. Measuring 16″ wide, by 6″ deep by 7″ tall, this vessel makes an impact where ever it is displayed.

Dreamscape 136, Calming Blue

This captivating Dreamscape sculpture is reminiscent of a tropical ocean dive. Bits of calypso blue give way to vibrant purple, all finished off with silver metallic foil. Created with reclaimed glass, pigments and metallic foil. The glass is presented in a raw steel stand.

Lakeside Vessel

I recently had the opportunity to sit Lakeside with my sister at sunset in South Lake Tahoe. It’s true that many of these colors were present in the sky and lake and different points of the evening, but this bowl is not a representation of the sunset that day. Instead, it’s a representation of how great if felt to sit with my sister at sunset in our hometown. This art bowl is not a literal representation of my surroundings that day – even though that is often my inspiration. This one is a representation of my inner life that day. To put it to words, it is a cross between the feeling of coming home and close connection. Lakeside Vessel is 16″ in diameter and created from reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated metal foils.