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Commissioned Dreamcape Sculpture

I seriously love commissions.  I view each one as a collaboration and try to include my client in the creative process as much as possible.  So when a client contacted me to commission a special piece for her home, I was excited to help out. In this case, my client was re-decorating a space and wanted the perfect finishing touch.  We worked together on the size, shape, and texture before hammering out the final coloration of the piece.  We were so pleased with how it turned out. The multiple blue tones are incredibly aquatic.

Most Favorite Commission Ever (and I hope you never see it)

This is my favorite commission to date.  The project consists of four 18″ x 18″ reclaimed glass panels finished in plum, sky blue, violet, sea foam green and variegated copper foil.  They will hang on the wall in between banks of windows in the waiting room of a new cancer treatment facility at Boston General Hospital. I hope you never see this commission for obvious reasons.  I hope that you never find yourself in the waiting room of a hospital, much less a cancer treatment facility. It is my favorite piece for less obvious reasons.  While I love how the piece turned out, I love its purpose even more. Given its venue, the piece may serve as a place to rest worried and tired eyes.  It may serve as something ‘else’ to talk about.  It may even serve as a brief distraction from the task at hand.  Even though it may be for only a short moment, the piece may actually help someone.  Maybe even more than one someone. I hope I get the opportunity to do …