Mira Francel

Mira Francel (formerly Mira Woodworth) is a mixed-media glass artist whose work has been featured in juried shows and invitationals such as the Smithsonian Craft Optimism and the ACGA National Exhibit. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, “Sculpture and Design With Recycled Glass” by Cindy Coldiron, and “Cast” by  Jen Townsend and Rene Zettle-Sterling. Mira’s installations can be found in public spaces such as the Milford Regional Medical Center, the Pechanga Casino and Resort, The Ritz Carlton, and the China World Trade Center.

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Dreamscapes are tabletop sculptures for Daydreamers. Aside from being a beautiful decorative element for your interior, dreamscapes are a place to rest your eyes as you allow your mind to wander and dream.


Vessels are vibrant and highly textural accents that are suitable in any decor. Circular, square, rectangular, and oval-shaped bowls come in many sizes and can be displayed in stands and on flat surfaces

Wall Installations

Wall Installations and artwork transform interior spaces into a peaceful yet joyous sanctuary. These highly textural pieces have been installed in home interiors, offices, board rooms, hotel, and hospital settings.


“My work is about finding beauty where it’s least expected.”

I reclaim unwanted architectural glass, combine it with mixed media, and spin it into gallery-ready works of art.

I’m dedicated to using reclaimed glass in my work because every time I fire my kiln I witness a redemption. The work is a daily reminder that what appears to be the end is nothing more than a pause on the path to becoming.


“I treat every commission as a collaboration.”

My experience with commissions extends from projects as large as multi-panel installations for public and corporate spaces to as small as the perfect vessel accent for any interior design project.

Through years of working with art consultants, interior designers, and individual homeowners, I have developed a step-by-step commission process that puts the vision of each of my clients first.

Not exactly sure what the vision is just yet? My process can walk you through that too.

New Work

Sunset Bowl

Creating this 12″ bowl was a fun and interesting challenge. My client wanted a specific…

Blush Bowl

A client loved the original of this bowl, which is finished in a silver-toned metallic….

Orchard Vessel

This textural vessel is organic yet elegantly versatile with its Mediterranean green, bits of blue,…

Marigold Bowl

Just like the well-loved Marigold flower bloom, this bowl symbolizes beauty, warmth, creativity, a drive…

Striated Vessel

This bowl is marked with charcoal striations and finished in a silver metallic. It measures…

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“Perfection in every way! Mira went out of her way to ensure that I received exactly what I wanted. Shipping was lightning fast!!” Nancy

“Stunning piece! Mira did extra research on shipping options which helped save on the cost. Speedy and responsive.” Melanie

“I contacted Mira to request a commission. Mira sent me renderings, I chose one, and she transformed it into stunning artwork. My experience was enjoyable and I felt like a part of the creative process. Mira’s talent and willingness to work with me yielded a wonderful handmade art treasure.” Rachelle

“Mira is a unique individual. I truly have not worked with an artist with her integrity. Anyone making a purchase from her can rest easy, she’ll treat you like everyone should be treated: with dignity and respect. She’s the real deal when it comes to her art, her ethics, and her heart. I will always be her customer.” Kathy