New Work – “Daybreak”

    Named for a favorite painting by the great Maxfield Parrish, “Daybreak” features a deep, yet bright, sky blue and a reddened variegated copper foil.  It’s my new favorite production piece (Sorry, Sutter Creek, I still love you.)

    Reclaimed glass, pigments, variegated copper foil.  Measurements: 9 x 9 x 3.”

    Daybreak 2

    “Daybreak” top view.

    Daybreak 3

    “Daybreak,” detail showing gradation of color and texture.

    Daybreak 4

    “Daybreak,” side view.

    Daybreak 5

    “Daybreak,” detail showing texture.

    Daybreak 1

    “Daybreak,” reclaimed glass, pigment and variegated copper foil by Mira Woodworth.