Lakeside Vessel

    I recently had the opportunity to sit Lakeside with my sister at sunset in South Lake Tahoe. It’s true that many of these colors were present in the sky and lake and different points of the evening, but this bowl is not a representation of the sunset that day. Instead, it’s a representation of how great if felt to sit with my sister at sunset in our hometown.

    This art bowl is not a literal representation of my surroundings that day – even though that is often my inspiration. This one is a representation of my inner life that day. To put it to words, it is a cross between the feeling of coming home and close connection.

    Lakeside Vessel is 16″ in diameter and created from reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated metal foils.

    Lakeside Vessel by Mira Woodworth
    Lakeside Vessel Detail
    Lakeside Vessel, by Mira Woodworth