Finished Commission for Essex, Connecticut

    This custom commission was for a builder/designer that specializes in rehabbing historical homes. Where most designers would have torn down the structure to build a cape cod, this designer chose to take on the challenge of renovating and showcasing how the home could fit in to the neighborhood.

    Triptych Wall Installation, mixed media glass, by Mira Woodworth

    The designer was faced with the restoration and redesign of a 1945 midcentury modern/Frank Lloyd Wright prairie house. His aim was to keep the architecture in keeping with the home’s roots, while creating a modern and flowing interior.

    When he came to me to create the centerpiece of the living area, we discussed many concepts. In the end, we settled on the idea of creating a flowing piece that references the neighborhood’s proximity to the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. We should bronze metallic highlights on the side edges of the triptych to flow into the space that was finished in a color called Natural Linen.

    The finished piece is the culmination of two months worth of studio work. The piece is composed of multiple layers of mixed media and mounted glass.

    The center piece of the triptych measures 30″ x 30″ and the pieces that flank each side measure 18″wide x 30″ tall.

    Mockup of Finished Commission with furniture to show scale. This is not the final installation.