Large or small, I treat every commission as a collaboration. My experience with commissions extends from projects as large as multi-panel installations for public and corporate spaces to as small as the perfect vessel accent for an interior design project.

Through years of working with art consultants, interior designers and individual homeowners, I have developed a step-by-step commission process that puts the vision of each of my clients first.  Not exactly sure what the vision is just yet? My process can walk you through that too.

Check out the recently finished commissions below and email me for an Information Sheet that details my commission process.

  • Finished Commission for Essex, Connecticut (9/25/2021) - This custom commission was for a builder/designer that specializes in rehabbing historical homes. Where most designers would have torn down the structure to build a cape cod, this designer chose to take on the challenge of renovating and showcasing how the home could fit in to the neighborhood. The designer was faced with the restoration and redesign of a 1945 midcentury modern/Frank Lloyd Wright prairie house. His aim was to keep the architecture in keeping with the home’s roots, while creating a modern and flowing interior. When he came to me to create the centerpiece of the living area, we discussed many concepts. In the end, we settled on the idea of creating a flowing piece that references the neighborhood’s proximity to the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound. We should bronze metallic highlights on the side edges of the triptych to flow into the space that was finished in a color called Natural Linen. The finished piece is the culmination of two months worth of studio work. The piece is composed of multiple layers …
  • Commission for Arizona Residence (4/6/2021) - What a pleasure to complete this custom triptych dreamscape sculpture for a private residence in Arizona. The commission was coordinated by Cobalt Gallery, arguably the best contemporary art gallery in Arizona. Cobalt has two locations, both in Tubac. Over all the sculpture is made with three pieces in separate stands that measures 38″ wide. The clients also opted for a coordinating 16″ diameter vessel for their table top. Both pieces can be seen where they permanently reside in the next image. What a gorgeous space.
  • Finished Commission (2/14/2021) - The first commission for 2021 is now complete! This triptych was created for a new Women’s Health Center near Chicago, IL. The work will be prominently displayed in the main floor lobby, right behind the information desk. This commission took the entire month to create. It consists of mounted reclaimed glass, pigments, and foils.
  • Commissioned Dreamscape (4/18/2020) - This Dreamscape sculpture was commissioned by an interior designer for a built-in niche in a residence in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. When I first saw the photograph of the niches, I was dazzled by the rich red wood cabinets. They reminded me of a mid century yacht. The colors of this dreamscape were based upon one I had previously made, but the size and depth were customized to suit the new owner’s space. It was a perfect match. In the end, the designer paired my custom glass sculpture with a few blown glass pieces by other artists creating a visual presentation of texture, light, and metallic shimmer. Overall, this custom piece measures 24″ wide by 10″ tall.
  • Mock Up of Final Install of Completed Commission for Health Care Facility in Orland Park, IL, by Mira Woodworth Commission for a Health Care Facility in Orland Park, IL (10/25/2019) - At 70″ wide by 40″ tall, this mixed media glass installation is like the largest glass piece I’ve completed to date. It’s created from multiple kiln loads of glass that were fired over the course of weeks and then mounted with mixed media, dyes and metallics on a wood substrate. Once finished and approved, the piece had to be crated and sent via box truck across the county before arriving at its final destination in Orland Park, IL. It is now displayed in a new building that is part of a Health Care Campus just outside Chicago. The coloration and design is meant to be an abstract representation of Lake Michigan.
  • Commission for a Private Residence (9/2/2019) - This seven-piece set was commission by the owner of a private residence in Strongsville, Ohio. The client wanted a set similar to a triptych that had sold, but with more pieces. We settled on seven pieces, which were created and shipped out rather quickly. The pieces are created with reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated metal foil. The largest measures 9″ diameter.
  • Completed Commission (8/24/2019) - This completed triptych is installed in a health care facility in Orland Park, IL. The three pieces are created with fired reclaimed glass mounted to wood and incorporate inks, metallics and pigments. The three circular pieces measure 16″, 20″, and 36″ diameter. Each of the three pieces hangs on a french cleat.
  • Mock Up of a Gallery Install of Ascension, 46" tall by 36" wide. Design Challenge Accepted (4/2/2019) - When I was contacted by one of my favorite designers regarding a possible project for a hospital chapel, I was thrilled. A healthcare facility in the greater Chicago area was finishing a new addition to their campus that included a chapel and needed artwork for the chapel entrance wall. There was only one small catch . . . the wall was convex. This is an interesting design challenge. It was a large entryway that would require a large piece. Larger than what could fit in the kiln. In addition, the wall was convex and would not accommodate our go-to mounting options. I love working with designers and creative types. Together, we solved the challenge with a proposal for an elongated triptych. Each piece measures 46″ tall by only 10″ wide. The smaller width of each piece allowed just enough to accommodate the curvature of the wall. The composition of “Ascension” is full of symbolism. First, the piece is a triptych to symbolize the trinity. The teals and blues represent calmness and stillness. The golden metallic …
  • Commission for an Illinois Residence (1/11/2019) - One of my favorite things to work on is commissions. Such was the case for this newly remodeled residence in Illinois. And can you believe they took these photos themselves? Truly Pinterest worthy, their new space is quite dreamy. Each of these highly textural pieces measures 10 x 10.” Overall, the installation is 35 x 35″ as installed.
  • Custom Color Commission (6/28/2018) - Remember this green? It always reminds me of spring. Or fresh vegetables. And it’s back for home interiors! I know so because I’ve been getting inquiries about creating pieces with this colorway. I view each commission as a collaboration.  So, when I was asked to create a six-piece ombre set with custom colors, I was thrilled.
  • New Commission for Pennsylvalnia (6/11/2018) - Custom Dreamscape Commission created to specifically fit within a wall niche in Pennsylvania. Coloration was created to echo the colors within the client’s luxry space. Overal measurements are 14″ wide by 10″ tall.
  • Finished Commission (5/31/2018) - This is a finished custom piece for a client measuring 15″ diameter and in client’s colors of choice: Plum, Navy and Charcoal.
  • Commission for a Repeat Client (3/28/2018) - I’m so happy to complete this glass triptych in a colorway that suits her new remodel. She loved this set in red and black, but that set would not match her new decor.  No problem! We picked complimentary colors out of her amazing wallpaper choice.
  • A Hospital in Lake Forest Illinois (3/25/2018) - A great many thanks go to Art Expressions for commissioning my work for their client, a hospital in Lake Forest Illinois. Art Expressions is a long-time art consultancy firm located near the hospital that was charged with the responsibility of commissioning art for an entire new wing. What a huge project! When they contacted me last year to discuss a possible commission, I immediately forwarded them samples to include in their presentation to their client.  Lucky for me, their client chose my work, among others.  Many ideas went back and forth (brainstorming with a client is one of my favorite parts of the process) before the client settled on a design for a large installation consisting of eight 20 x 20″ panels, with coloration and gradation flows connecting the entire composition. Overall, the installation measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall. Here’s how the final install turned out (spoiler alert – I love it!): Thanks again Art Expressions!  I hope we get to do this again soon.  
  • Commissioned Dreamcape Sculpture (3/22/2018) - I seriously love commissions.  I view each one as a collaboration and try to include my client in the creative process as much as possible.  So when a client contacted me to commission a special piece for her home, I was excited to help out. In this case, my client was re-decorating a space and wanted the perfect finishing touch.  We worked together on the size, shape, and texture before hammering out the final coloration of the piece.  We were so pleased with how it turned out. The multiple blue tones are incredibly aquatic.
  • Reclaimed Glass Sculpture New Commission (6/5/2017) - A finished commission for a remodel in Michigan, this piece is large at 26″ wide by 16″ tall.  Created with reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated copper foils.
  • Finished Commission for Texas (9/26/2016) - Custom dreamscape tabletop sculpture measuring 34″ wide x 12″ tall x 4″ deep for a Fredricksburg, Texas client.  Created from reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated copper foil and displayed in a custom steel stand.
  • New Work – Finished Commission (9/13/2016) - Reclaimed glass, multiple layers of pigments and various types of variegated and non-variegated metal foils.  Measurements 26″ wide x 16″ deep x 5″ tall.
  • Finished Commission for Southern California (8/23/2016) - This piece was created for a southern California designer who needed a medium sized vessel for one of his clients.  We used Mediterranean green and charcoal to create a custom piece that coordinates with the client’s kitchen. Made from reclaimed glass, the piece measures 15″ diameter x 3″ tall.
  • Completed Commission, Amador Bowl Revised (5/17/2016) - Want some blue with that green? A client really liked Amador Bowl, which is a production piece  . . . but really wanted the bright green to be more . . . blue/green.  No problem, it’s on its way. Made with reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated copper foil.  I like the blue/green of this bowl so much, I may incorporate it into a production bowl, but with a different pattern, of course.
  • Finished Commission (5/10/2016) - Newly finished commission, shipped out today.  This large table top sculpture measures 15″ tall and 30″ wide and features Mediterranean green, black and variegated copper foil.  It sits in a custom steel stand.
  • New Work: Sedona Arch Commission (5/4/2016) - Inspired by the stunning geology of Sedona, AZ, this piece is created from reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated copper foil.  It is complete with a custom stand that features an off-center rear post so that the negative space in the center of the arch remains unobstructed.  Measurements: 20″ wide, 9″ tall, and 4.5″ deep.
  • New Work – MRMC Commision (10/19/2015) - Newly finished, this is a wall Installation for the Milford Regional Medical Center emergency room located in Milford, Massachusetts. The colors in the piece are made to coordinate with the hospital’s theme colors. Created from reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated copper foil.  Total installation measures 40 x 40.” Detail, Lover Left Panel
  • Most Favorite Commission Ever (and I hope you never see it) (6/12/2015) - This is my favorite commission to date.  The project consists of four 18″ x 18″ reclaimed glass panels finished in plum, sky blue, violet, sea foam green and variegated copper foil.  They will hang on the wall in between banks of windows in the waiting room of a new cancer treatment facility at Boston General Hospital. I hope you never see this commission for obvious reasons.  I hope that you never find yourself in the waiting room of a hospital, much less a cancer treatment facility. It is my favorite piece for less obvious reasons.  While I love how the piece turned out, I love its purpose even more. Given its venue, the piece may serve as a place to rest worried and tired eyes.  It may serve as something ‘else’ to talk about.  It may even serve as a brief distraction from the task at hand.  Even though it may be for only a short moment, the piece may actually help someone.  Maybe even more than one someone. I hope I get the opportunity to do …
  • Finished Commission for Chicago Collector (4/24/2015) - Custom piece for a Chicago collector.  Reclaimed glass, pigments, silver-toned foil displayed in a powder-coated steel stand.  31″ x 10″ x 4″ Detail shots:
  • St. Louis Park Commission (2/18/2015) - Custom piece for a collector from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Measurements: Approximately 24″ wide x 11″ tall.
  • Canton Commission Completed (1/19/2015) - The great thing about commissions?  Sometimes you’re asked to create something you wouldn’t ordinarily have thought to make.  In this case, the collector asked that some of the variegated copper leaf be applied to the front of the piece.  I would not have thought to do this, but I rather like how it turned out.  Final dimensions, 20″ tall x 10″ wide.
  • Finished Commission (4/1/2014) - Finished Commission for a New York collector.  Reclaimed glass, pigment, and variegated copper foil.  Presented in steel stand that was powder-coated with bronze finish.