Vessels are the mainstay of my glass making. I create circular, square, rectangular and oval-shaped bowls and vessels that can be displayed in stands and on flat surfaces. Some are created as one-of-a-kind pieces, and some are sold as limited production.

New Work – River Vessel

    River Vessel, a reclaimed glass vessel measuring 27″ wide x 11′ deep is available only at Fire and Rain Gallery in Folsom, CA.

    Finished Commission

      This is a finished custom piece for a client measuring 15″ diameter and in client’s colors of choice: Plum, Navy and Charcoal.

      Recycled Glass Bowl

      New Work: Eclipse Bowl

        Recycled glass, pigments and variegated metal foils are combined to create this 16.5″ diameter art vessel.

        New Work, 20″ Platter

          Created from reclaimed glass, multicolored pigments and variegated metal foils. Platter measures 20″ diameter.  Shown here in a stand.