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New Work – Experimental Panel

Koi Carp wall installation.  Panel measures 24″ wide by 18 tall.  Cast glass, finished in a modified verre eglomise.  Many of the bubbles in the piece are silver leafed leaving clear spots to give the illusion of a watery atmosphere. I’ve been working for some time testing various clay bodies for use as a refractory.  The idea is to identify a refractory recipe that can be sculpted, dried, and go straight to kiln.  Ideally, it would be re-usable, allowing for limited edition runs. I’m on my way.  This latest test answered a lot of questions and also identified new questions to answer. Here’s how it went:      

Have I mentioned my newsletter lately?

If I haven’t, I probably should. I send out a quarterly newsletter.  It’s chock full of pictures of new work and information about what’s coming up.  That’s reason enough to sign up, but there’s MORE! In every newsletter, I give away some glass — sometimes big, sometimes a few smalls. Here’s how the giveaway works: All of my newsletter subscribers are already entered to win.  Once you subscribe, you have a chance to win every quarter.  There is no need to re-enter to win. Prior to publication of the newsletters, I select the glass giveaway. To select the winner, I use  to select a random number which is then matched to the newsletter list. The first part of the winner’s email addressed is announced in the newsletter.  For instance, if the winners email address is, the winner is announced as: “xyz.” Instructions are given in the newsletter to the winner(s) on how to collect the prize. No other reminders are sent and there is a deadline to collect.  If you don’t read the newsletter, you …

New Series: Mendings

First in a new series of work called “Mendings,” is “Once Shattered.” Kintsugi (金継ぎ?) (Japanese: golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (金繕い?) (Japanese: golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.  As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. “Once Shattered” is a metaphor for the human condition.  Once healed, our broken spots are what make us unique. They should be regarded as part of our history, rather than something to disguise. “Once Shattered” is formed from broken reclaimed glass that has been fully fused and returned to one piece of glass.  It is colorized with pigments, variegated copper foil and silver toned foil.  The back is coated in iron with rust.  The base is created from wood, iron, copper and rust. Overall, the piece measures 24″ tall, by 8″ wide by 6″ deep.

Creative Play

I experiment in the studio regularly. This is a detail shot of fused/cast float glass verre eglomise.  Innovation does not happen without some creative play, and I like to have several side projects going.  Most of them are chalked up as something “interesting,” but not much more.  Many end up in the trash. At this point, I’m not sure where this thorny piece will go.  I like it enough to not throw it away.  But I’m not sure if I will pursue the idea further.  It’ll hang out with me for a while as I think about it.  It’s possible, with some refinement, it could end up as a new series of work.

Once Isn’t Enough – Let’s Start a Packing Materials Movement

There’s been something bugging me for some time, and I have waffled like a politician at election time.  The hot-button issue?  Re-using packing materials. I get packages all the time.  Most of the time, I break them down and put them in the recycle bin. I’m no expert, but doesn’t recycling boxes involve shredding and mushing them to paper pulp before turning them into into new boxes (or other paper products?)  That seems like a lot of energy.  And water. I do a lot of shipping.  Shipping that requires double boxing to protect reclaimed glass art.  Does it really make sense that I reuse glass to make art but I do not reuse boxes for shipping? The answer seems obvious until you consider that many customers (and even retailers) are put off by artists who send their works in used boxes.  I’ve heard it called, “tacky.” (Insert nasally voice.) I finally realized a shipping label could solve my dilemma.   I thought a quick Google search would turn up something suitable, but no.  Nothing.  Is it possible I’m the first person that …

New Gallery – Simone Beckett

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering lots of new work to a gallery located in downtown Los Gatos.  I hadn’t been to Los Gatos for quite some time, but if you have, you already know what a great shopping/dining area the old town is. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by Simone Beckett Gallery.  There, you’ll receiving a warm welcome by the very friendly Drew or Casey.  The most difficult thing about your visit will be choosing from all of the beautiful contemporary work!

New Website:

Project RustHeap If you’ve been to this website before, you might notice a big change!  I have removed my glass castings and jewelry and moved them to a new site: At the Rustheap site, you will find rustic goth glass castings, mixed media jewelry and rusty vintage finds.  It’s my experimental project, where I play with new media and new ideas.  I’ll share process, how to, and new glass castings with you there.  If you haven’t been to see my RustHeap, please stop by and check it out. Here’s a quick preview of mixed media jewelry: