Dreamscapes are tabletop-sized sculptures created from reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated metal foil. Each arrives ready to display in a raw steel stand that is custom made.

The dreamscapes are created by a daydreamer for daydreamers. Aside from being a beautiful decorative element for your interior, dreamscapes are a place to rest your eyes as you allow your mind to wander and dream. Dreamscapes provide a textural and colorful focal point to creative thinking.

Each original dreamscape sculpture is named numerically so as to not impose any preconceived ideas upon your daydream. However, the limited production dreamscape are named with more detail.

Dreamscape 118

Dreamscape 118

    Created with reclaimed glass, pigments, variegated metal foil and raw steel. Dreamscape #118 measures 18″ wide by 7″ tall.

    Dreamscape 114

      Dreamscape 114 is created kiln formed reclaimed glass, plum and lilac pigments and variegated metal.

      Dreamscape 113

        Dreamscape 113 is a table top sculpture created with reclaimed glass, navy blue pigment and variegated metal. Arrives ready to display in custom steel stand.

        Dreamscape 112

          Dreamscape 112 features two different blues and is finished in a variegated metal.

          Dreamscape 111

            Dreamscape 111 is rasberry truffles! It is 22″ wide and is finished in chocolate, rasberry, bits of cobalt and bronze variegated metal.

            Dreamscape 108

              Dreamscape 108 is kiln formed reclaimed glass finished in cobalt blue and golden-toned variegated metal.