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recycled glass sculpture detail

New Work – Dreamscape 59

Dreamscape 59 – – Have I already made 59 original Dreamscapes? They seem new to me every time. Dreamscape 59, made from recycled window glass reclaimed from a Santa Cruz Skate Shop.  Finished in pigments and variegated metal foil, it measures 19″ wide and 9″ tall.  

New Work, XXL Cobalt Blue Dreamscape Sculpture

Artists are probably not supposed to have favorites.  We’re to love each creation as though it is our only child.  But it’s just not so.  Some pieces are favored just a little more. This dreamscape sculpture is my new favorite.  Maybe because it’s the largest at 34″ wide by 13″ tall x 4″ deep.  Or maybe it’s because the deep cobalt blue calls to me.  There is something about blue, especially cobalt blue, that makes me want to jump in and explore just beyond the pigment.