Large or small, I treat every commission as a collaboration. My experience with commissions extends from projects as large as multi-panel installations for public and corporate spaces to as small as the perfect vessel accent for an interior design project.

Through years of working with art consultants, interior designers and individual homeowners, I have developed a step-by-step commission process that puts the vision of each of my clients first. Not exactly sure what the vision is just yet? My process can walk you through that too.

Check out the recently finished commissions below and email me for an Information Sheet that details my commission process.

Sunset Bowl

    Creating this 12″ bowl was a fun and interesting challenge. My client wanted a specific shade of yellow to be incorporated with mottled sunset colors.… Read More »Sunset Bowl

    Blush Bowl

      A client loved the original of this bowl, which is finished in a silver-toned metallic. Her home interior featured lush golden tones, so she asked… Read More »Blush Bowl