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Denim and Rose Vessel

This one-of-a-kind vessel is small and sweet. Measuring at just 8″ diameter, there’s nowhere it can’t add a pop of beautiful color. The piece is created from reclaimed glass, pigments, and variegated metallic foil.

Top View of Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth
Top View of Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth
Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth
Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth
Detail of Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth
Detail of Denim and Rose Vessel by Mira Woodworth

Commission for Arizona Residence

What a pleasure to complete this custom triptych dreamscape sculpture for a private residence in Arizona. The commission was coordinated by Cobalt Gallery, arguably the best contemporary art gallery in Arizona. Cobalt has two locations, both in Tubac.

Three-piece sculpture Commission for a residence in Arizona.
Three-Piece Sculpture Commission for a Residence in Arizona

Over all the sculpture is made with three pieces in separate stands that measures 38″ wide. The clients also opted for a coordinating 16″ diameter vessel for their table top. Both pieces can be seen where they permanently reside in the next image. What a gorgeous space.

Glass Sculpture and Vessel Shown In Situ.
Glass Sculpture and Vessel Commission shown In Situ.

Smithsonian Craft-Optimism 2021

I’m soooo soooo (soooo) excited to be announcing that my work has been accepted into Smithsonian’s Craft-Optimism, a curated, climate-conscious makers’ market.

It was no easy feat to be included, so I consider it a great honor. Each of the 100+ artists had to be nominated to enter, then pass through a rigorous jury prior to acceptance.

The result? The best of the best in beautifully-made, handcrafted American goods that educate the public about climate change or inspire or model a sustainable response to climate change.

It’s the FIRST show of its kind.

The show is being produced by the Smithsonian Women’s Committee (the same committee that organizes the well-known Smithsonian Craft Shows.) Proceeds of the event support grants to the Smithsonian.

Visit to view the craft categories and pre-register to see the show at

More details will follow, but until then, you can print off the flyer (below). Also,

Please sign up for my newsletter if you’d like early access to viewing the entire show. I will be allowed to invite a small group of people to register and view the entire show ahead of the general public!

Finished Commission

The first commission for 2021 is now complete!

This triptych was created for a new Women’s Health Center near Chicago, IL. The work will be prominently displayed in the main floor lobby, right behind the information desk.

Finished Triptych Commission by Mira Woodworth

This commission took the entire month to create. It consists of mounted reclaimed glass, pigments, and foils.

Detail of Triptych Commission by Mira Woodworth

New Gallery: Cobalt Fine Arts

I’m excited to announce a new gallery is representing my work: Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery in Tubac, Arizona.

Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery is a celebration of southwest contemporary art and the visions and perspective of the artists that live here. 

Founded in 2002 by a grandfather-mother-daughter trio, Cobalt Gallery has grown from a family passion project into one of the leading art galleries in Arizona.  A long-standing part of Tubac’s historic art community, Cobalt focuses on painting as well as art glass, ceramics, jewelry and high-quality craft. Each piece has a distinctive take on color and dimension, providing visitors with rich visual and emotional experiences. This rich curated mix of fine art, jewelry and gifts is a must-see for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Much of Cobalt’s emergence can be credited to majority partner and director Mesia Hachadorian (pronounced Meesha). She is an art lover who comes from a family of artists and has studied with curators in Florence, Tuscany, Rome and Venice. Her keen eye for color and fine detail, as well as her love for art, makes her helpful to collectors choosing pieces that will work best in their spaces.

A visit to Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery is a must for anyone in the Tubac area. It represents an opportunity to see a spectacular collection of work of Southwestern artists, ranging from sculptures and paintings to art glass, mixed media and jewelry.

Dreamscape 127, Vivid Fall Colors

Vivid fall colors – and I mean VIVID. This dreamscape features the reddest of reds, fuschia, orange and golden toned metallic. If you are looking to brighten a table top or a mantle – Dreamscape 126 is the ONE.

Dreamscape 127 by Mira Woodworth.

This one-of-a-kind is 20″ wide x 9″ tall and available via

Detail of Dreamscape 127 By Mira Woodworth.

Solstice Full Moon – Large Wall Piece

A blushing full moon with interesting metallics and texture awaits its new home. It is created from mixed media upon a wood substrate for easy transport and has a french cleat for easy hanging. 

Solstice Moon, Mixed Media Glass, 36″ Diameter, by Mira Woodworth
Solstice Moon, Mixed Media Glass, 36″ Diameter, by Mira Woodworth
Detail of Solstice Moon, Mixed Media Glass, 36″ Diameter, by Mira Woodworth

Dreamscape 126 – Pink and Copper on Silver

This dreamscape reminds me of a cool fall morning. I can remember walking to the bus stop and coming upon fresh fall leaves newly trapped under ice. Just captured there – suspended. Copper, brass, and pinks, encased under fresh ice, just out of reach.

This Dreamscape reminds me of that change – the switch from fall to winter in California.

Detail of Dreamscape 126 by Mira Woodworth

This Dreamscape measures 20 x 9″ and is available via

Dreamscape 126 by Mira Woodworth

Dreamscape 125 – “Vintner’s Toast”

Created in the Lodi Appellation, “Vintner’s Toast” is a celebration of my homeland. This art sculpture has all that I love about the wine from here: rich color, smooth blends, and a spicey note.

Each sculpture includes a raw steel stand that is individually welded to artfully display the sculpture. The steel stand will develop surface rust over time creating an artful juxtaposition between the stand and the glossy surface of the glass.

Vintner’s Toast measures 18″ wide by 8.5″ tall. Available via

Vintner's Toast by Mira Woodworth
Vintner’s Toast by Mira Woodworth
Vintner's Toast by Mira Woodworth
Vintner’s Toast by Mira Woodworth

Announcement: Gift Shop

Big Announcement! I have added a gift shop to my website.

<start celebration> I’m super excited about it, so I hope you don’t mind if I stop writing for a second and do a little celebration dance. (woop woop!) </end celebration> On with the details!

In my day-to-day, I make a lot of small things while I wait for the kiln to run on larger projects. For example, instead of making test tiles, I often make small jewelry pieces to test out colors and ideas. It’s a fun outlet.

So, I’ve decided to add them to a small gift shop on my site. The shop will not carry any of my gallery work – you’ll still find all of those pieces where you usually do. Instead, the gift-shop will only feature items that are not available for wholesale.

To get there, you can follow the “Gift Shop” Link, click on the image link, or look for the shop link on social media. Working hard to add more items all the time. See you there?