Notes from the Studio

Sunset Bowl

    Creating this 12″ bowl was a fun and interesting challenge. My client wanted a specific shade of yellow to be incorporated with mottled sunset colors.… Read More »Sunset Bowl

    Blush Bowl

      A client loved the original of this bowl, which is finished in a silver-toned metallic. Her home interior featured lush golden tones, so she asked… Read More »Blush Bowl

      Orchard Vessel

        This textural vessel is organic yet elegantly versatile with its Mediterranean green, bits of blue, and rose gold finish. The piece is created from reclaimed… Read More »Orchard Vessel

        Marigold Bowl

          Just like the well-loved Marigold flower bloom, this bowl symbolizes beauty, warmth, creativity, a drive to succeed. Perfect as a gift, or to set out… Read More »Marigold Bowl

          Striated Vessel

            This bowl is marked with charcoal striations and finished in a silver metallic. It measures 11″ in diameter.