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Making a Statement

There are many ways to make a statement.  You can make signs, march in the streets and donate your hard earned cash to your cause.  You can also display an art piece in your space as a subtle sign of solidarity with all who enter.

Rainbows include all the colors equally, and as such, stand for unity. This one measures 19″ wide and 9″ tall and is created with reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated metal foil. Limited Production.

DS 82 Rainbow 1


Commission for a Repeat Client

I’m so happy to complete this glass triptych in a colorway that suits her new remodel. She loved this set in red and black, but that set would not match her new decor.  No problem! We picked complimentary colors out of her amazing wallpaper choice.

Weymouth 1Weymouth 2

A Hospital in Lake Forest Illinois

Hospital Commission

A great many thanks go to Art Expressions for commissioning my work for their client, a hospital in Lake Forest Illinois. Art Expressions is a long-time art consultancy firm located near the hospital that was charged with the responsibility of commissioning art for an entire new wing. What a huge project!

When they contacted me last year to discuss a possible commission, I immediately forwarded them samples to include in their presentation to their client.  Lucky for me, their client chose my work, among others.  Many ideas went back and forth (brainstorming with a client is one of my favorite parts of the process) before the client settled on a design for a large installation consisting of eight 20 x 20″ panels, with coloration and gradation flows connecting the entire composition. Overall, the installation measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall.

Here’s how the final install turned out (spoiler alert – I love it!):

Install 2

Thanks again Art Expressions!  I hope we get to do this again soon.


Gold Confetti Bowl

New Piece, gold confetti bowl is created from reclaimed glass and multiple layers of pigments and golden-toned variegated metal that has been removed and reapplied multiple times.  The depth of texture and multiple layers of coloration are a celebration in any decor.

GC 2

Confetti bowl detail.

GF 1

Confetti Bowl, top view.

GF 3

Confetti Bowl, by Mira Woodworth.

Commissioned Dreamcape Sculpture

I seriously love commissions.  I view each one as a collaboration and try to include my client in the creative process as much as possible.  So when a client contacted me to commission a special piece for her home, I was excited to help out.

In this case, my client was re-decorating a space and wanted the perfect finishing touch.  We worked together on the size, shape, and texture before hammering out the final coloration of the piece.  We were so pleased with how it turned out. The multiple blue tones are incredibly aquatic.

Hoogenberg Detail 1

Commissioned Dreamscape Detail

Hoogenberg Detail 2

Commission detail.

Hoogenberg front

Completed commissioned custom Dreamscape sculpture.

Dreamscape 80


After multiple orders for wall installations in this color scheme, I thought it time to try these colors on a Dreamscape sculpture.  Finished in black, teal, and a bronze-toned variegated metal, this tabletop sculpture measures 19″ wide by 9″ tall.

ds 80 1

Dreamscape 80, by Mira F Woodworth.

ds 80 2

Dreamscape 80, detail showing texture and coloration.


Dreamscape 79

Reclaimed/recycled glass sculpture created with russet and crimson reds and variegated metal foil.  Splashy and fun, the red in this truly can’t be captured in a photo.

DS 79 1

Dreamscape 79 by Mira Woodworth

DS 79 2

Dreamscape 79 detail showing texture and coloration.