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Commission for an Illinois Residence

One of my favorite things to work on is commissions. Such was the case for this newly remodeled residence in Illinois. And can you believe they took these photos themselves? Truly Pinterest worthy, their new space is quite dreamy.

Each of these highly textural pieces measures 10 x 10.” Overall, the installation is 35 x 35″ as installed.


Reclaimed Glass Wall Installation by Mira Woodworth


Reclaimed Glass Custom Commission by Mira Woodworth.


Textural Glass Commission by Mira Woodworth


Reclaimed Glass Commission by Mira Woodworth

Brilliant Red Triptych

This brilliant red triptych is a pop of color for the wall.  The set was created with kiln-fired glass, pigments, variegated metals, all mounted in a cradle and framed in black. It’s impactful at 52″ wide by 20″ tall, yet also zen with flowing texture that provides layers and layers of depth and interest.

Mounted glass is an excellent choice for public spaces where the beauty of glass is desired, but the fragility is a concern. This set arrives framed, wired, and ready to hang.

red triptych

Brilliant Red Triptych by Mira F Woodworth

detail 1

Red Triptych Detail

detail 2

Red Triptych Detail


New Gallery!

I am pleased to announce that my work is now represented by Zense Home Collection in Palm Dessert! Although this is a brand new store (now open!), this is not Zense’s first. Zense also has a unique fashion accessories shop.

Zense is the Eastern practice of integrating the five senses to achive ultimate harmony and fulfillment. To find out more, head over for a treat of carefully curated objects for the home.

Zense Home

73255 El Paseo Ste 3 .  Palm Desert , CA 92260


Storefront Image

Dreamscape 90

Featuring new colors!  This reclaimed glass sculpture is cream, brown, and blue with variegated copper foil. Arrives ready to display in a raw steel stand.

Dreamscape 90 Detail

Dreamscape 90, detail

DS 90 1

Dreamscape 90, by Mira F Woodworth

DS 90 Detail

Dreamscape 90, Detail

Dreamscape 88

Created from burgundy and charcoal pigment, variegated copper foil and reclaimed glass. Arrives ready to display with a raw steel stand.

Dreamscape 88 Detail

Dreamscape 89, detail

Dreamscape 88

Dreamscape 89 by Mira F Woodworth

New Limited Production work: Forest Moss Bowl

This is a wonderful gift-sized piece, measuring 9″ in diameter. It’s created from recycled glass finished in slate blue, moss green, and gold-toned variegated metal foil. Named “Forest Moss Bowl,” it’s reminiscent of watery creeks in a moss-lined forest. No two are exactly alike in color, pattern or texture.

Forest Moss Top

Forest Moss Bowl, top view, by Mira Woodworth

Forest Moss Detail 2

Forest Moss Bowl, detail

Forest Moss Front 2

Forest Moss Bowl, by Mira Woodworth

Forest Moss Detail 1

Forest Moss Bowl, detail

Stunning Nine Panel Installation

This nine-panel installation is stunning in lilac and blue, finished in variegated metal foil. Each piece measures 10 x 10″ and overall, the entire display measures 35 x 35.”  It arrives wired and ready to hang.

9 Panel Straigt on Closer

Nine panels, installed.

9 Panel Straight on

Nine panel wall installation.

9 Panel Quarter View

Nine panel wall installation, 3/4 view.


Detail of nine-panel wall installation.