Author: Mira

Gifts for Holidays

Beat the Supply Chain with American Made

This year, holiday gift shopping has become difficult – for imported goods. The news is full of images of taker ships stuck off the coast, waiting to be unloaded. It kind of feels like the supply chain is trying to be the Grinch that stole Christmas. BUT . . . one-of-a-kind gifts that are made right here in the USA are available and ready to make gift recipients swoon! From statement jewelry to unique home decor, my online shop has small gift items that are ready to ship. These items can’t be found anywhere else – I make and sell them directly to you. Free shipping within the continental US is included with every purchase. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Gallerist in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I’m happy to write that my work is now carried at the original (and first) gallery in Eau Clare: Bframed Gallery. Since 1976, B~Framed Galleries Fine Art & Custom Framing has brought the most distinguished craftsmanship and international fine art to the Chippewa Valley Located in the heart of historic downtown Eau Claire, the two-story gallery features a combination of Wisconsin & international artists, local photography, and an ever-changing collection of 3D artwork. Cynthia Wing-Reed313 S Barstow StreetEau Claire, WI 54701(715) 832-4476 (phone) Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday: 10 am to 5pm Saturday: 10 am to 3 pm Monday: Appointments Online Closed on Sunday If you are in the area, please stop by and thank Cynthia for finding my work. Here’s a preview of some of the work that is in the Gallery. Cynthia can also help you with acquiring other work(s) or commissioning a custom piece for your space.

Sunset Bowl

Creating this 12″ bowl was a fun and interesting challenge. My client wanted a specific shade of yellow to be incorporated with mottled sunset colors. Yellow is a color I have avoided in the past, but I’m a convert. After several tests and experiments, I was able to create a marigold shade of yellow. I love it so much, I’m already using it in other new works. This is the Sunset Bowl. It is 12″ diameter and now lives in a beautiful home in Texas.

Blush Bowl

A client loved the original of this bowl, which is finished in a silver-toned metallic. Her home interior featured lush golden tones, so she asked if the metallic could be changed to coordinate with her interior. Of course! This commissioned blush bowl is the lovely result. 11″ diameter.

Orchard Vessel

This textural vessel is organic yet elegantly versatile with its Mediterranean green, bits of blue, and rose gold finish. The piece is created from reclaimed glass and finished in pigment and metallic foil. Each piece undergoes an extensive multi-step process, taking approximately two weeks to create.

Marigold Bowl

Just like the well-loved Marigold flower bloom, this bowl symbolizes beauty, warmth, creativity, a drive to succeed. Perfect as a gift, or to set out and be reminded of your own values. The vessel is created from reclaimed glass and is finished in orange and yellow pigments and variegated metal foil. It measures 10″ diameter.

Swirls of Cobalt Transport to Another World

When I was a kid, I loved The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. The drama was pretty good, but my favorite thing was the Wardrobe. The whole idea of stepping through a secret door to another world was intriguing and delightful. And I’ll admit, the idea intrigues me to this day. I still check closets for secret doors. (Sorry to report, none yet.) That’s why I’m so interested in creating portals to the beyond, like this one: Swirls of cobalt and teal promise the adventure of another place. Another time. The metallic silver throws reflections of yourself, just on the other side, looking back. It’s like you can see the shape of yourself in another dimension waiving, “C’mon over, it’s fantastic here.” This piece is 22″ in diameter. It’s permanently framed in a coordinating silver-toned frame. Available via ArtfulHome.