I’m Taking the Artist Support Pledge

    Have you heard of the Artist Support Pledge? It was started by Matthew Burrows.org to help artists during the pandemic. The idea is simple: artists will post affordable pieces on instagram, and when the sales threshold has been met, artists commit to using a percentage of the sales proceeds to purchase artwork from other artists who have committed to the pledge. The result of the pledge is that one sale will support many artists.

    Like Everyone, Artists are Struggling

    In the US at least, most artists are not qualifying for economic aid designated for small business owners. Even as I write this post, the highly publicized expanded unemployment benefits have not been set up. Artists are struggling, and at this point, there is no clear end in sight.

    But, the #artistsupportpledge is something we can do right now.

    Here is my commitment:

    All sales made through my online gift shop of small and studio sale items will count toward the threshold. I am committed to adding more small pieces in the following weeks. I will announce this commitment and new shop addition on Instagram. As outlined in the pledge, when I hit the sales threshold, I will pay it forward to another committed artist.

    In addition, I will also feature other artists who have committed to the #artistsupportpledge in my Instagram Stories. So, even if you’re not in the market for one of my pieces at this time, I’ll help you find the right piece for you so that you can jump in and help artists pay it forward. You can help me help other artists by sharing it in your feed too!

    The sale of this one-of-a-kind art glass piece will be applied to my #artistsupportpledge.

    As always, I have so much gratitude for the people and organizations that have supported my passion for melting glass. Seriously . . . thank you.