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Mira Woodworth is an award-winning glass artist whose work has been featured in juried shows and invitationals. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, “Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass” by Cindy Coldiron and “Cast” by  Jen Townsend and Rene Zettle-Sterling. Mira’s installations can be found in public spaces such as the Milford Regional Medical Center, the Pechanga Casino and Resort, The Ritz Carlton and the China World Trade Center.

Mira Woodworth Working
Mira Woodworth working in studio.

Hi, I’m Mira.

I call myself a glass artist; but, as you can see, I’m not made of glass (although, sometimes it feels like it.)  I became a self-taught glass artist while pursuing a career as a civil litigation paralegal. At first, glass was an escape.  But eventually, I had made enough connections to pursue it full time and made the jump.

My Philosophy

I am in love with the idea of reclaiming the unwanted and refinishing it into gallery-ready works of art. To me, this speaks to a basic truth of the inherent (and sometimes secret) beauty in everything. There are many “reclaimed” goods on the market, which is great for the environment. But, I believe the object comes first.

In other words, I want the viewer to fall in love with the beauty of the object first. A certain optimism is conveyed when the viewer learns it was resurrected from rubbish. This optimism is what my work is all about.  It’s never too late for anything (or anyone) to be remade.

My Materials

Almost all of my works are created from reclaimed glass.  I gather old windows, shelves, shower doors and partitions from all over Northern California.  Once back in my studio, I deconstruct the glass – either by smashing it or cutting it up into small pieces, then reconstruct it into the works you see on this website.

I do not consider myself a “glass purist.”  Specifically, it is not important to me that my work be made entirely of glass.  For me, it is most important that each piece reach its full potential.  To that end, I utilize multiple mixed media techniques to realize my glass vision.

“I find the description ‘glass artist’ amusing.  It implies you are an artist made of glass.”  -Ginny Ruffner


  1. Kevin Lewis says

    Thanks for traveling to Vacaville for the glass. Your stuff is mesmerizing


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