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Custom Bowl for Private Residence in Idaho

The client that commissioned this vessel was interested in creating a piece that could be displayed upright in a easel. She had collected a sizeable amethyst crystal cluster and wanted something special that would compliment it.

Private Commission, by Mira Woodworth

We discussed several options, and settled on a 12″ shallow bowl that would fit perfectly in her dark wood shelving unit.

Detail of Private Commission, by Mira Woodworth
Top view of Private Commission, by Mira Woodworth

The client left this five-star review:

The shelving above our wet bar needed an object of art. I wanted something unique and in a medium we didn’t already have throughout the house. I came across Mira’s shop and knew immediately that one of her exquisite glass bowls would make a perfect addition to our home.

I contacted Mira to request a commission. I sent the ideal diameter and color pallet with photos of the intended display location. Mira sent me renderings, I chose one, and she transformed it into a stunning bowl. My experience was enjoyable.

We exchanged frequent messages and I felt like a part of the creative process. Mira’s talent and willingness to work with me yielded a wonderful handmade art treasure.

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Mira Woodworth is an award-winning artist whose works span from large installations in public spaces to small collectible works. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, “Sculpture and Design With Recycled Glass” by Cindy Coldiron and “Cast” by Jen Townsend and Rene Zettle-Sterling. Mira’s installations can be found in public spaces such as the Milford Regional Medical Center, the Pechanga Casino and Resort, The Ritz Carlton, and the China World Trade Center. She also writes - a website about helping artists sell their art online.

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