Brilliant Red Triptych

This brilliant red triptych is a pop of color for the wall.  The set was created with kiln-fired glass, pigments, variegated metals, all mounted in a cradle and framed in black. It’s impactful at 52″ wide by 20″ tall, yet also zen with flowing texture that provides layers and layers of depth and interest.

Mounted glass is an excellent choice for public spaces where the beauty of glass is desired, but the fragility is a concern. This set arrives framed, wired, and ready to hang.

red triptych

Brilliant Red Triptych by Mira F Woodworth

detail 1

Red Triptych Detail

detail 2

Red Triptych Detail



3 thoughts on “Brilliant Red Triptych”

  1. Thank you so much, Pam! Happy New Years to you too. I hope 2019 brings you plenty of time to play with color and creativity.

    To answer your question, yes, this set required 3 full kiln loads in the big bathtub kiln. I add several layers of texture and color to create the panels, which is also how the red is such a deep red.

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