My Clients Have the Best Ideas

Recently, I was commissioned to make a rainbow bowl for an enchanting cabin in the woods.  (I know it is enchanting because I got to see photos of it.)  After the commission was underway, it was cancelled in favor of a larger bowl already in stock. I was relieved at the change of course since I was juggling one too many plates (or, in this case, bowls.) Once things settled down, I finished the design of the bowl and turned it into a limited production piece.  Why didn’t I think of a rainbow bowl before?

Rainbow 2

Rainbow Bowl, by Mira Woodworth.

Rainbows tend to mean different things to different people.  For me, it reminds me of my time as a pre-teen when rainbows and unicorns adorned almost all my worldly possessions, especially my sticker collection.  It represents a time of innocence, just before life came on in full force.  Whatever a rainbow means to you, I hope you’ll join me in appreciating the uniqueness in this bowl, and the uniqueness in anyone else who might also appreciate it.

Rainbow 1

Rainbow Bowl, by Mira Woodworth.  View from the other side.

Rainbow 3

Rainbow Bowl, by Mira Woodworth.  Top View.

Rainbow Detail

Rainbow Bowl, by Mira Woodworth, top view.

6 thoughts on “My Clients Have the Best Ideas”

  1. This multicolor approach is absolutely gorgeous. Do you have any other multicolor pieces like this one? I would love to buy several for a wall array in my office.

  2. And I apologize… what I mean is RAINBOW pieces instead of multicolor. I realize that almost all of your pieces are multicolor. I love your work. It’s so rich, textured, and mesmerizing. – Tony

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