Sea Amenome (And Thank you Simone Beckett)

This piece is not really new, but it’s new to the internet.  Actually it was one of the few pieces not sold at Simone Beckett, one of my favorite galleries in the Bay Area that has been pushed out by rising overhead and gentrification.  (sigh.)  RIP Simone Beckett.  Thank you for always looking out for not just me, but your clients.  You did a wonderful job of keeping me in the loop while you placed my work in some of the finest interiors around.  Many many thanks.

I sincerely hope that Simone Beckett finds another affordable space because Drew and Casey do art galleries the way art galleries should be done.

SA front

Sea Amenome, reclaimed glass by Mira F. Woodworth.

SA top view

Sea Amenome, Top View.

SA Detail 2

Sea Amenome, Detail View

SA Side

Sea Amenome, Side View

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