New Work – Glass Wall Triptych

    Piece: Reclaimed Glass Wall Hanging
    Finish: Emerald Green, Teal (Blue/Green) pigments and Variegated Copper Foil
    Large piece: 9″ diameter x 1.5″ deep
    Medium piece: 7″ diameter x 1.5″ deep
    Small Piece: 5.5″ diameter x 1.5″ deep
    Hanging Device: A keyhole hanger is permanently affixed to the back of each piece, providing for secure hanging.
    Type: One of a Kind

    Triptych 4

    Glass Wall Triptych by Mira F Woodworth created from reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated copper foil.

    Tryptich 1

    Glass Wall Triptych by Mira F. Woodworth.

    Triptych 3

    Detail of glass wall triptych.

    Triptych 2

    Glass Wall Triptych by Mira F. Woodworth.  Reclaimed Glass, Pigments and Variegated Copper Foil.


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