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Have I mentioned my newsletter lately?

If I haven’t, I probably should.

I send out a quarterly newsletter.  It’s chock full of pictures of new work and information about what’s coming up.  That’s reason enough to sign up, but there’s MORE!

In every newsletter, I give away some glass — sometimes big, sometimes a few smalls.

Here’s how the giveaway works:

  • All of my newsletter subscribers are already entered to win.  Once you subscribe, you have a chance to win every quarter.  There is no need to re-enter to win.
  • Prior to publication of the newsletters, I select the glass giveaway. To select the winner, I use  to select a random number which is then matched to the newsletter list.
  • The first part of the winner’s email addressed is announced in the newsletter.  For instance, if the winners email address is, the winner is announced as: “xyz.”
  • Instructions are given in the newsletter to the winner(s) on how to collect the prize. No other reminders are sent and there is a deadline to collect.  If you don’t read the newsletter, you won’t know you won and  you could lose your winnings. (It’s happened before! Don’t let it happen to you.)

Small Print:  My newsletters are sent quarterly; I won’t spam your account; I will never give away or sell your email; I never automatically sign anyone up for the newsletter – you gotta opt-in; if you ever decide you no longer want the newsletter, there’s a link in included to  unsubscribe without hassle.

Click Here to Sign up for the newsletter.


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Mira Woodworth is an award-winning artist whose works span from large installations in public spaces to small collectible works. Her innovative designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, “Sculpture and Design With Recycled Glass” by Cindy Coldiron and “Cast” by Jen Townsend and Rene Zettle-Sterling. Mira’s installations can be found in public spaces such as the Milford Regional Medical Center, the Pechanga Casino and Resort, The Ritz Carlton, and the China World Trade Center. She also writes - a website about helping artists sell their art online.

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